Rescue and Rehoming


If a Bernese Mountain Dog becomes displaced or the owner wants to surrender the dog, our Club provides a program to assure safety and well being for the dog.

The dog will be rescued by one of our committee members and a thorough veterinary examination will occur.  Every effort will be made to identify the dog and if returning the dog to it's original owner or the original breeder is not viable, the Club will then take steps to re-home the dog to a suitable home, which will match the dogs needs and temperament. 

This process can cost thousands, that is why the Club raises money through memberships, raffles and ect, as to have the funds in place when the time arises.

I would like to take the time to mention here, thank you to all our Finacial Members that have contributed towards this program, and non members that have joined us for meets and bought drinks or raffle tickets. 



Contact Details

Kim Haddon - 0408 477 080